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East Meets West Clinic

A new and fresh approach for riders of all levels

Paul and Betsy Van Dyke are a brother and sister team who share a love of horses.  While they have pursued this passion through different disciplines, in the East  Meets West Clinic, they are bringing it all together in a new and fresh experience for people of all levels. Paul’s background in colt starting, cow horse training and making ranch horses and Betsy’s background in developing horses from Training level to Grand Prix come together to help you develop a greater degree of refinement between you and your horse. Whether you are after achieving a higher degree of collection or working a cow, Paul and Betsy’s goal is to help you achieve the art of horsemanship.

Betsy Van Dyke


Betsy Van Dyke lives in West Palm Beach, FL where she is a dressage trainer and coach.  Betsy has trained horses up through the dressage levels from Training Level to Grand Prix.  She has competed in Wellington, FL and throughout the Midwest, as well as coaching her students at shows. Betsy has won many awards and Championships, throughout the levels on various horses, including USDF Region 2 Grand Prix Freestyle Championships. Betsy has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. She earned her Gold Medal on Cantana, a horse she trained up through the levels herself. To continue her education, Betsy has ridden
with many top riders and Olympians including Catherine Haddad, Karen Lipp, Christine Traurig, Maryal Barnett, Lars Peterson, George Williams, Herbert Seinberl, and Marius Schreiner, Christoph Koschel, Patrick Burssens, and Betsy Steiner. From starting young horses, to dealing with specific training issues, to finishing the Grand Prix, Betsy has a knack for seeing horses as unique individuals. She believes that each horse has a different story and that understanding that helps the rider know how to communicate with them. From developing a good seat, to perfecting a pirouette, Betsy knows that growing in your knowledge as a horseman is a lifelong journey. Betsy enjoys working with people of all skill levels because she understands that a correct foundation can produce correct upper level riders and horses. No matter what your tack, breed, or experience is,


"Good riding is good riding."

Paul Van Dyke


Paul and his family live east of Sheridan, WY where they ranch and run a horse training operation. Paul has spent seventeen years as a colt starter and horseman training hundreds of horses in his career. He has traveled all over the United States and internationally both giving clinics and starting and working with horses in all disciplines. This has given him a unique perspective on both horses and the equine business. In addition to starting horses, he has taken many horses through the training process from the “start” to the bridle stage competing in ranch horse and cow horse events. A distinctive feature about Paul is that he is not only a professional horse trainer, but he uses horses every day in “real life” ranch scenarios. This has earned him the reputation for producing top-notch ranch horses. This combination of background, skills and “real life” experience with horses gives Paul the ability to understand when it’s time to train and when it’s time to just get a job done. He sums up his training philosophy this way,

“Communicate logically with the horse

resulting in his confidence.”




Time & Date

September 12-13, 2019


$450/rider (Maximum of 12 riders)
Price includes:

  • Both individualized/private coaching and group sessions.

  • Dressage demonstration by Betsy Van Dyke

  • Cow Horse demonstration by Paul Van Dyke

  • Saddle fit and tack session

  • Lunch included each day (riders only)

  • Audit fee: $20/day

  • Kids 18 and under audit for free


$100 deposit required to reserve your spot

  • Deposit is refundable until September 1st 

  • No refund after September 1st


Make checks/mail to:
Van Dyke Saddlery & Stock Horses
757 Hwy 14 E
Sheridan, WY 82801


Van Dyke Arena
757 Hwy 14 E
Sheridan, WY 82801


Or Register By Phone

Amber at (307) 461-0132

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