About us...


My interest in good horses and gear began early in life. It

was no surprise that this interest led me to pursuing both as a

career. As I served two saddlery apprenticeships (Ron

Silverman, Don Butler) I also continued developing my skills as a horseman. I did this primarily by working with different

horsemen, cowboying and starting colts.


In May 2004 I officially went on my own. My business is

certainly a reflection of my passions. My deepest passion is

making, using and showing quality stock horses. Most months

find me at home (near Sheridan WY) starting colts, but also

traveling across the country starting colts for different

breeders. I am often out in the hills on the ranch or day

working, using my horses in situations that only genuine

cowboy work can do to develop them. During the winter

months, I build custom saddles in my shop.


It gives me great satisfaction to go to a branding and see a

horse I started quietly dragging calves and then turn to see a

good hand riding one of my saddles.


Thank you for your interest and look forward to anyway I

can help you and your needs.


757 Highway 14 East Sheridan, WY 82801

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