Tied-Off With Rose

There are many things I like about working with different guys on various ranches. One of my favorites is seeing new ways to do an old thing, in this instance, “tying off”. If you are unfamiliar with what this is, it is the method used to restrain a bovine while you doctor it for illness. While you are doctoring sometimes you are alone or working with another guy to treat cattle. Once a cow is down, how you “tie off” to your horse has always been of interest to me. I enjoy trying different techniques and seeing how other guys do it. This method is from Jacob Rose. He walks us through one of his favorite methods of tying off. Step 1: To begin with the animal is on the ground. Do a half

Stephen’s Quote of Success

“Where did you learn this? Who taught you to do what you do?” Occasionally when I travel and people see me train these are questions that I get. What people are after is my story and philosophy of training. Well, the story of how I learned what I know and how I continue to learn is much more like that of the next guy then not. I didn’t study under one man or theory. I grew up with horses, cowboyed some, and worked with and for men most people have never heard of. One of those guys is Garry Stephens. If you have never met him you should. He has forgotten more about horses then most people have ever learned. He taught me a great deal. He had various ways of saying things in order to try to con

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