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"My goal in all training, from starting colts to getting my horse to watching a cow, is to communicate logically with him resulting in his confidence."

Paul Van Dyke


Give your horse a foundation with a proven program


Have your horse go beyond the foundation to the next level


One of the greatest horsemen I have met in a long time....can break one quicker than anyone I know and good.

Sonny Rice
5 Time NCHA World Champion

I have been raising Thoroughbred polo ponies for almost 40 years. I can’t remember when Paul Van Dyke began to start my colts, but I remember how much better the colts became. Paul has a gentle but no nonsense ritual with the youngsters. Sometimes he is on a colt in one hour. Sometimes it is 2 weeks before he is up top, but each step is covered. If he thinks a colt needs more time, you can be sure it does. Not only does Paul teach one with a rope, dragging logs, but he can and does start polo mallet work with the babies. This is a very integral part of polo training and can be disastrous if done wrong. Paul has a sense and feeling far beyond his years. He is trustworthy and most importantly…a horseman.

Perk Connell
President of Big Horn Polo Club


757 Highway 14 East Sheridan, WY 82801

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